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Vision & Mission Statements

Play. Inspire. Educate

Mission Statement

Maverick Goalkeeper Academy's mission is to serve the needs of the soccer community through a challenging and fun environment. We are dedicated in skills development and the soccer education of our members. It is our goal to develop a strong technical foundation within our players, cultivate effective problem solvers, and create leaders that can manage the demands of the game and their teams.

Vision Statement

Maverick Goalkeeper Academy’s vision is to inspire, develop, and educate our members in a fun, game realistic and challenging environment where players of all levels, skill sets, and ages can develop their passion in soccer. MGA serves as a collegiate and professional recruiting resource for top level programs as well as club affiliates.


6 Pillars of Development

MGA believes in the development of the total person, and not just the player. We are dedicated in supporting athletes through their youth development and helping them navigate life to becoming the best person they can be.

1. Passion. Goalkeeping is a specialized position different than all others. Goalkeepers must be driven to excel and take responsibility for their own development. You have to want to show up and work.

2. Problem-Solving. Players must be able to read the flow of the game. Seldom are two situations the same in a game. You must be flexible and able to adapt through diverse situations.

3. Confidence. “Failing to prepare, is preparing to fail.” Goalkeepers must train hard, be a student of the game, however they must also view the game as a coach. By training hard, preparing for the game, and learning from each other we gain the confidence in our own abilities and develop the tools to be leaders within our own teams. Don’t be afraid to fail. Trust yourself.

4. Work. MGA believes in the development of blue collar hard working players. In order to develop, learn, and win, you cannot avoid hard work.

5. Dream. MGA encourages our players to goal set. What is it you want to achieve through this sport, through this position? We encourage our players to think short term and long term, from going out and having fun today all the way to playing professionally. We believe in the dreams and goals of our members and will work together with you to achieve realistic possibilities.

6. Integrity. Holding yourself accountable for your goals and actions. Say what you mean, and do what you say. We challenge players to set high goals and standards for themselves and work with them on the road towards those aims.

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